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Thread: NBA Finals 08/09

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    Default NBA Finals 08/09


    Orlando Magic vs LA Lakers

    Its unbelievable that the Magic are in the NBA Finals. Im just glad that the Magic kicked the Cavs out of the playoffs. LeBron is one big sore loser.

    Leave all that cold-blooded seriousness to Kobe Bryant. Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard is going to have fun in his first NBA finals.

    “I’m always going to be that silly person,” Howard said Wednesday before practice at Staples Center. “Basketball brings too much joy to me and everybody who watches me. So there’s no need to be out there trying to look mean and tough. Even if I tried to look mean and tough, everybody in here would laugh and say, `That’s not him.’ So it doesn’t work.”

    Howard’s dead-on impersonation of hyped-up Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy has been making the rounds this week.

    “Dwight is a funny guy,” Van Gundy said. “We hear this stuff all the time.”
    His smile has vanished, replaced by something closer to a scowl. His days of joking around are seemingly on hold.

    Kobe Bryant has gotten deadly serious.

    He has that look, you’ve seen the one. It’s the cold-blooded, get-out-of-my-way-or-pay glare he’ll shoot at a teammate who messes up or an opponent who dares to try and stop him.

    The Black Mamba is poised to strike.

    The NBA finals are in his sights.
    News from Yahoo! Sports

    Whats your prediction? I think the Lakers will do it but hope the Magic will instead. Ive been a Magic fan since the Shaq/Penny/Grant era
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    Default Re: NBA Finals 08/09

    Not looking good... well, for you at least. Go Lakers. Kobe even invented a new "face" for the series. There's no way they are overcoming his determination.

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    Default Re: NBA Finals 08/09

    Magic won last night and I hope they will win again at home.

    best players
    LAL: K. Bryant 31 Pts, 3 Reb, 8 Ast
    ORL: D. Howard 21 Pts, 14 Reb, 2 Ast

    The Black Mamba can go and bite himself

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    Default Re: NBA Finals 08/09

    Mon the Magic!  3

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