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Thread: get your own britain!

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    Default get your own britain!

    on bbc inside sport they but up the odds on british athletes and teams soon to be in competition.among the england cricket team ,the ashes ,andy murray and the lions,they had .....

    Padraig Harrington

    its the same with irish actors,writers and even business men.i'm not even going to get into the references to the "home nations" which include our republic.

    i wonder ,are they being purposefully offensive are is it just ignorance of a high degree

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    Default Re: get your own britain!

    I would say its ignorance. The media in the UK cant help it.

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    They only use British if they're talking about someone non English. They use English if they are English

    ITs always at the Olympics etc that Scottish Bike Guy gets called British but any English person will just be called English.

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    As always with the blinkered English based media, they use British when it suits them.

    When Button wins the GP, he'll be English, when Murray gets to the Wimbledon Final, he'll be British, when Harrington leads after the 2nd day at the Open, he'll be British.

    When Murray gets beat off Federer in the Final, he'll be the plucky Scotsman, when Harrington blows up on the last 9 on the final day, he'll be the unlucky Irishman.

    Its the way they do it sadly, and thats without getting into the entire Ireland/Britain thing. They are not being clever or smart, they are just stupid and ignorant.

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    i get that with people that are actually british lads,i know andy murray is only a scotsman when he loses

    but harrington is an irish citizen,no connections whatsoever with britain .i remember bob geldof pointing out the absurdity of him being named the greatest living briton when he's from the republic.same goes for u2

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    Bob Geldof surrendered his Irish citizenship when he took his KBE/OBE as far as I'm concerned.

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    i'm of the same view in regards of hewson and his honourary knighthood.but it still doesn't make them brits.

    in fact ,i'd be in favour of amending the constitution so that any irish citizen that accepts an honour from the british empire is automatically stripped of their citizenship

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