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    I have used this word and i thought this explained it quite well for those who are unsure or dont know 100%

    Zionism is a movement started, partly in response to Russion pogroms, by a number of European Jews in the 1890's. At the first Zionist conference which was convened in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, and lead by Theodor Herzl, a tenacious, Austrian Jew, the 197 Jewish delegates passed the following resolution: "Zionism seeks to secure a publically recognized, legally secured home in Palestine for the Jewish people."1 These Jews formed an organization called the World Zionist Organization, later just called the Jewish Agency or Jewish Committee. By 1914 the Zionists had 127,000 dues paying members world-wide.2 Today, you can find a chapter of the Jewish Agency in every Jewish community throughout the world.

    Without delay the Zionists set out to implement their mission of removing Palestinians from the land. They set up "the Fund" or "the Jewish National Fund" to buy land from under the Palestinians' noses and deposited it in a trust which allowed only Jews to use or rent it. Most Palestinians at this time were peasants working the land of rich, absentee, Arab landlords. Theodor Herzl avowed: "We shall try to spirit the penniless (Palestinian) population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in Palestine ... Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly," 3 From the beginning of Zionism this was the essence of Zionist policy: use Jewish money, collected from throughout the world, to run the Palestinians out of Palestine by buying their land and/or their jobs. If that didn't work the Zionists would use the money to terrorize the Palestinians into fleeing or kill them.

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    Zionists are scum, and every bit as bad as Islamic extremists. Both groups tarnish the image of their respective religions.

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    Two words; Balfour Declaration 1917

    It can also be expressed as one word; Blackmail

    Basically, "Agree to this, or we stop funding your war"

    Without that mandate there would have been no 'State of Israhell'

    Lord Rothschild, or to give them their correct name - Lord Red-Shield

    Fuck them all
    Keeping the faith doesn't mean blind faith...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euskal Herria View Post
    Zionists are scum, and every bit as bad as Islamic extremists. Both groups tarnish the image of their respective religions.
    i'd say they are a lot worse.

    whereas muslim fanatics will never be able to do anything but talk about a return to the caliphate,zionists have already,at the cost of hundreds of thousands of palestinian lives,enacted their racist ,inhuman belief system to the detriment of the world

    and still they continue building settlements on palestinian land in contravention of international law.were we to wake up in the morning and the state of israel was no longer in existence who could possibly doubt that the world we'd find ourselves in would be a much happier one

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    to think,a middle eastern government defying international law was used as a pretext by the last american president for an invasion

    it just goes to show how tight a grip aipac has on washington that israel will so blatantly disregard its patrons wish's and it also shows what zionism thinks of the rest of us

    nothing to them to continue breaking international law while labeling others terrorists.sickening animals!

    Obama fury over Israeli settlements rebuff

    By Tim Reid Washington

    Friday May 29 2009

    Israel and America were locked in one of their most bitter disputes for decades last night after the Israeli government flatly rejected a direct call from President Obama to halt the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

    The row threatened to set back President Obama's already bleak prospects for brokering peace in the Middle East. It is likely to dominate his trip to the region next week, when he makes an address to the Arab world in Cairo on Thursday.

    The provocative response to the US administration's demand -- which had been delivered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday -- came hours before Mr Obama was due to hold a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, who said that the demand for freezing settlements would be at the top of his agenda.

    Mrs Clinton, using the bluntest public language towards Israel for years, said that when Mr Obama met Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, in Washington a fortnight ago, he had been "very clear" that there should be a stop to all building and expansion of settlements.

    "He [Obama] wants to see a stop to settlements -- not some settlements, not outposts, not 'natural growth' exceptions," Mrs Clinton declared -- a reference to Israel's insistence that new construction was necessary to accommodate the growth of families already living in existing settlements.

    Mrs Clinton added: "That is our position. That is what we have communicated very clearly." The aggressive tone was a rare rebuke from Washington towards one of its closest allies.

    About 500,000 Israelis now live in more than 100 settlements, built on the West Bank and in Arab East Jerusalem among a Palestinian population of 2.5 million. Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman, confirmed that some construction would continue in existing settlements. Mr Netanyahu has signalled his willingness to remove 22 small Jewish outposts but that falls far short of Mr Obama's demand.

    Mr Obama travels to Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week, with the conflict central to his agenda. ( The Times, London)

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