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    Default Celtic Finances

    This graph shows the breakdown of the money Celtic has taken in since 1997.

    The total income since 1st August 1996 is just over 545m.

    The amount of money coming into the club is key to its ability to compete. Of course the figure peaked in 2004 with the Uefa Cup money. This was then swamped by the income in 2007 due to the great run in the Champions League.

    The small drop in 2008 has been put down to the drop in merchandising sales due to only launching one away shirt compared to two shirts the previous season. To compound this he away shirt did not sell very well.
    If you look around this site you will see since Strachan has been in charge, attendances and season ticket sales have dropped, says it all really.

    Also, I find this quite embarrassing:

    If this doesn't change soon, we will be going nowhere fast. If we really want to challenge in the UCL then players will have to be bought.

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    Default Re: Celtic Finances

    i think in all honesty they have a financial plan?

    and what i mean is they would be working on fixing the debt(which the have) and at the same time keep at a standard of player that is capable of winning the spl and doing ok in the cl? however they have failed this season and now got to? spend money on better players! cos if they dont the huns will creep back in
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    Looking at turnover is not an accurate indicator of how much money is available to spend, looking at profits for the same period you would see that overall me made a loss of 6.4million.

    Agree players will have to be bought, and the club should have an optimum level of debt but spending millions on quality players is not financially sustainable in the long term for a club with our profit margins.

    A balance has to be reached between debt and level of investment, just now we should not be aiming to be debt free (especially when interest rates are so low, just now would be a relatively cheap time to have some debt) however, interest rates will start to go up again and when they do you do not want to be sadled with huge debts.

    the amount spent on transfer fees doesn't bother me - I'm more concerned about the quality of players bought, some of our best players have cost practically nothing so I wouldn't worry too much about the amount spent.

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