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Thread: Anyone suffering from this KFC drought

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    .An entrepreneur has cashed in on the KFC crisis by selling £10 bargain buckets for £100 online.

    Ceiling fixer Martin Godden, 30, posted adverts for his 'rare 10-piece bargain buckets' on Facebook after the chain was forced to close 160 stores nationwide.

    Mr Godden, of Brighton, East Sussex, has managed to sell four buckets at a 1000 per cent mark-up.

    But others selling buckets for as much as £1,000 each, have not been successful.

    The 30-year-old says he can source the fried chicken from a 'friend' who works at the KFC store 20 miles away in Eastbourne. He claims to have made deliveries to two addresses so far.

    His post reads: 'I'm able to get hold of kfc bargains bucket from a "friend" Only doing buckets in 10pcs. All delivered hot and fresh.'

    The father-of-one said he couldn't believe people agreed to buy KFC at such a high price.

    He added: 'It's crazy, KFC is not worth £100. It's just about worth the normal price you pay, but it seems people that are 'desperate' will happily pay a huge premium.

    'I'm just wondering how they're going feel when in a week or two when it's all back to normal, and them knowing they paid £100 for some chicken.

    'The people didn't really say much other than 'thanks, I'm glad you got some', it was me that did the talking more than anything.

    'I was totally shocked and kept asking 'are you sure you really want to pay this for KFC?' They couldn't get it out of my hands quick enough.'

    He plans to take his wife Zoe and children Edward and Sapphire to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in Watford with the money he has earned.

    The handyman says he won't be giving up his day job because the Eastbourne store he was depending on has now ran out of chicken.

    He added: 'Sadly Eastbourne is now out of chicken so all good things must come to an end.'

    Since the closure of KFC restaurants around the country this week, quick-thinking entrepreneurs have been trying to make money by selling meals on the black market for hundreds of pounds.

    On Facebook alone bargain buckets are being advertised for £1,000 and £400, with one burger meal priced at £100, minus a delivery charge.

    Sellers in London, Liverpool, Brighton, Bristol, Balckpool, Chester, Windsor and Milton Keynes have been jumping on the bandwagon.

    One seller said he could include the famous KFC gravy for £20, with someone else trying to sell a KFC meal he found in his hotel room for £2.

    Another has posted a KFC Boneless Banquet meal on eBay for £25,100. He has not yet received any bids.

    The crisis at KFC follows the company's decision to ditch its existing delivery company Bidvest Logistics in favour of DHL, which took over just last week.

    A failure in its computer system meant that deliveries out of its vast hub and warehouse in Rugby went into meltdown.

    Restaurants ran out of chicken and were forced to shut, making the chain a laughing stock on social media. Some restaurants have re-opened but still with limited menus
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    People are retarded

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