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Thread: Not a chance we will do ten in a row.

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    Default Re: Not a chance we will do ten in a row.

    Quote Originally Posted by Euskadi View Post
    Not going to find many wingers who are willing to go through cunts tbf
    Naw but you still put yourself in for it. Not pull out. Griffiths being a striker could easily be the same.

    How many goals has Griffiths got by getting tore in when off the ball.

    Should be no hiders regardless of position.

    Also might seem strange but our results at parkhead even since deila and continued under rodgers has been poor in bigger games.

    Even our performances not just the results. I know Rodgers wasnt happy about the pitch when he came but i was thinking maybe its tactics.

    Normally we played flat midfields from oneill up to lennon, (mowbray hardly counts)

    The pitch suits that sort of style because of the width and size.

    However with 433/4231 styles with a possession and high pressing style is the pitch exposing pur own gaps and weaknesses?

    Im not blaming the pitch but in europe teams that played opened styles often got caught here while we packed midfields and countered. Easily getting width, crosses and a threat in the air.

    Now we play with that euro style (poorly) and its working the other way about.
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    Default Re: Not a chance we will do ten in a row.

    Passing the ball endless between our keeper and defenders is a dream for any team who is happy to get 0-0 (which the huns demonstrably were)
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