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Thread: Jamesy or Paddy?

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    on this season, Forrest and if true Roberts is out for 4 to 6 weeks then Forrest has the opportunity to really cement the place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euskadi View Post
    People's perceptions are skewed because you are comparing us playing away from home against a near-full strength Bayern side with us playing a weaker side at Parkhead.
    You sound like a Hun. That's all they have been saying. No point talking to you anymore.

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    What i will say for roberts this year is that missing out on pre season and qualifiers etc didnt help. Hes been slow catching up.

    I think we will see a better paddy maybe in next couple of months
    Has anyone seen my facts??

    Lofty said Jameeys maw loves dick but Loftys maw choked on her sick.

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    There's a place in our squad for both but which one starts should be about form, opponents etc, all round threat it has to be city's fenian

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