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Thread: Martin McGuinness R.I.P.

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    Default Martin McGuinness R.I.P.

    Martin McGuinness died this morning, heart trouble I believe, I don't know a lot about him, I think he was a commander in Belfast and without him I don't think the peace process would have worked. R.I.P.

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    Default Re: Martin McGuinness R.I.P.

    He looked very rough in his last interview with RTE. May he rest in peace

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    Bit late to the table here but: rather presumptuous of Norman Tebbit to arrange the seating arrangements in Hell. What place has he assigned for himself, I wonder.

    Perhaps just to the right of Thatcher.

    The Thatcher government, of which the old bastard Lord Tebbit was a prominent member, was responsible for far more premature deaths than anything McGuinness ever did.

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