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    Right Bhoysies. Me and a few friends have got together and managed to hire out Diamond Dolls, Mitchell Street, Glasgow tommorow for the game.

    Anyway, to the point. If anyone would like to come along for a party while watching the game, you are more than welcome. We have space for up to another 8 or 9 people.
    Bring your own drugs. lol.

    There is going to be about 10 or 11 of us going, just waiting to hear back from another friend. There will be a total of 10 Dancers/Strippers. If anyone likes buckfast, we have been allowed to bring it with us and we have chipped in for a crate of the stuff. So, plenty of swally.

    Everything is free. Buckfast etc (drinks from the bar obviously cost). You wont need to pay anything at the door or pay the girls (unless you want a solo)

    So, just turn up at the door tommorow if you are up for the cup and the give the doorman your B67 username and we can tell them to let you in.
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    Is Keanu going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolercoaster View Post
    Is Keanu going?
    Space for about 8 man. I think thats a good idea. Its about time you two got to meet. lol

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    Well did you manage to rape anyone
    You've probably not even bought a share in your whole entire life
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    I went. Shot my wad getting a solo and left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euskadi View Post
    Well did you manage to rape anyone
    Naw, shite day all round.

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