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Thread: Newco Huns

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    A 5 year old club newly promoted qualifying for europa league when they've only ever played one friendly abroad b4, can see the reason for their wild celebrations, ah bless

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    First I have seen that. Unreal.

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    Sheep beating the disease

    We Did It By Playing Football; Pure, Beautiful, Inventive Football

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    So Christies goal was the winner, fenian conspiracies everywhere & lofty still waiting your excuse for predicting sevco would be a "solid second" (if my hash addled brain recalls your post correctly )
    I must admit I'm torn between wanting them to die and the enjoyment i get from the circus that is sevco, I taste their pain and rejoice

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    Mcculloch the new Kilmarnock manager saying they've the youngest team in britain and need more experience, so how many old huns will he sign, if Jozo hadn't killed kenny with that tackle he'd be off to Ayrshire

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    So the Huns come into money and an old Director gets a seat back.....mmmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro1888 View Post
    So the Huns come into money and an old Director gets a seat back.....mmmmm
    It's ok they are signing duds all the way. Couple of the guys could potentially be ok but caixinha is a donkey.

    They will finish 4th. ��
    Has anyone seen my facts??

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